Studia Orientalia

Studia Orientalia is an internationally recognized publication series published by the Finnish Oriental Society (Societas Orientalis Fennica). It consists of high-quality monographs and thematic collections of articles relating to all fields of Asian and African studies. Studia Orientalia is widely known, as it is delivered to more than 140 libraries around the world. If you have a proposal for the series, please get in touch with the editor, Lotta Aunio (lotta.aunio[AT]

In 2013 an offshoot of Studia Orientalia, Studia Orientalia Electronica (StOrE), was established. StOrE is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal publishing original research articles and reviews in all fields of Asian and African studies. StOrE was established to keep up the fine publishing tradition of Studia Orientalia. The journal publishes high quality articles in a more modern and accessible format.

Interested in submitting to StOrE? Please go to the StOrE website.

Contributions to Studia Orientalia and Studia Orientalia Electronica will be submitted to two anonymous peer-reviewers. For articles submitted to Studia Orientalia Electronica the statements from the reviewers and the publication decision are usually sent to the writer within two months of submission.

The back issues of Studia Orientalia have been made available in the StOrE “Archives” section.

Latest Publications

Aunio Lotta & Axel Fleisch (eds): Linguistic Diversity Research among Speakers of isiNdebele and Sindebele in South Africa. Studia Orientalia 120. 2019. xiv + 316 pp.

Butters, Albion M.: Illuminating the Goal. rDzogs chen and Doxography in 14th-century Tibet. Studia Orientalia 119. 2018. xiv + 230 pp.

Downloadable list of all Studia Orientalia publications (pdf).

Studia Orientalia is distributed by Federation of Finnish Learned Societies:
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Lotta Aunio

Sari Nieminen

Advisory Editorial Board
Axel Fleisch (African Studies)
Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila (Arabic and Islamic Studies)
Tapani Harviainen (Semitic Studies)
Arvi Hurskainen (African Studies)
Juha Janhunen (Altaic and East Asian Studies)
Hannu Juusola (Middle Eastern and Semitic Studies)
Klaus Karttunen (South Asian Studies)
Kaj Öhrnberg (Librarian of the Society)
Heikki Palva (Arabic Linguistics)
Asko Parpola (South Asian Studies)
Simo Parpola (Assyriology)
Saana Svärd (Assyriology)

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Studia Orientalia has been granted the right to use the label for
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Federation of Finnish Learned Societies (Tieteellisten Seurain
Valtuuskunta, TSV), and adheres to the requirements of use of the label.